PlantValue in summary
Real-Time: Some Basics
PlantValue specific values
Disclaimer / Impressum

  • PlantValue collects and forwards data from a plant into one infrastructure, a network enabled SQL-database, and streamlines the data-transfer real-time* from the industrial environment to the office environment. (* depending on the network speed)
  • Once in the office environment you can connect it to any third-party software which speaks SQL, like Microsoft* Dynamics*, Sage* or SAP*.
  • PlantValue delivers standard a Microsoft Excel-DLL, which imports and updates your selected data automatically in your Excel-spreadsheet.
  • PlantValue has an intelligent web-server, which can serve almost any mobile web-based device like iPad or Android-based devices.
  • PlantValue provides an alarming server allowing notifications and alarms via web and mobile networks

* All referred third party names, like Microsoft, Sage, SAP or others are recognized as registered trademarks.